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About Us

Fozzy Media Group is an industry leading brand management & marketing firm. We work with interesting people to make the world a more inspiring place. We have built and managed the careers of beautiful and successful people for over two decades. By every definition, Fozzy has contributed to the evolution of social entertainment.



We advise and partner with influential people in all industries. We support growth, and connect our clients to opportunities in Media & Entertainment. We consult and manage our clients both professionally and personally ensuring that they have ample support allowing them to grow.


What We Do

360° Degree Talent Ideation


Relationship Management

We utilize our vast network to provide as much opportunity to our clients as possible.


Our team of legal experts will fight to ensure your likeness and intellectual property is always protected.

Content Creation

With 20+ years of Content Creation + Content Management experience we help our clients thrive in all digital aspects of their career.

Social Management

We advise and in some cases manage our clients social presence in order to maximize their earning and growth potential.

Media Buying/Promo

Our in-house media management division owns and places content on many platforms providing our clients an advantage that few other firms can provide.


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